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We have established a world-class Support team that is professionally educated, certified by Cisco and Red Hat, and available on-site at each of our data centers 24 hours per day. We currently employ 400+ Support engineers with specialties in Technical Support, Server Setup, Database Administration, Advanced Networking, Security, Migrations, System Restoration, and more.

Liquid Web Data Centers

Our data center locations are entirely self-owned and staffed by highly skilled engineers around the clock. Designed with redundancy installed at every level, our data centers were built to ensure that a failure will not affect your server. Our power is conditioned and reliable through the use of centralized PDU and UPS solutions, both backed by state-of-the-art generator technology. In addition, our network is robust and reliable. We exclusively utilize premium Tier-1 Bandwidth providers, ensuring minimal latency and fast connections to all points of the global Internet.